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The brainchild of Anthony Fonseca (aka Monikkr) Monikkr Music is the window into the culture that inspires him and his collaborators on a daily basis. A world filled with music, art, fashion and nightclub culture. Now you can join the party!

“I wanted to create a place where everything that inspires me can live and be shared with our audience. I am blessed to live in a city full of magic, surrounded by the most incredible creatives. Now everyone can be a part of our journey.”

Monikkr Press Photo

As his playful pseudonym suggests, Monikkr (born to the name Anthony Fonseca), deftly defies the labels commonly used for artists today, as his diverse range of talent and experience is a true cross-section of art forms and genres. He is both DJ and producer, musician and entertainer, who creates, writes, plays, produces, and performs across a myriad of sounds.

Music is the purist manifestation of feeling and throughout my life it has been the one constant thing that drives me. There’s no greater feeling than creating it, and then seeing others lose themselves in it on the dance floor. ~Monikkr

Monikkr is the resident DJ for Burning Man Camp Bubbles & Bass.

Strut is an eclectic group of musical adventurers. The in-house disco band of the Monikkr Music brand, Strut brings together the talents of Minnie Dee (vocals), Jehiah Brey (sax), Alyssa Grey (violin and vocals), Anton Bass (bass), and Monikkr (guitar and DJ). The fuel of any party, when this group performs live the energy of the room lights up to a whole other level!


Strut NuDisco Band

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Monikkr Music is a growing community of free-spirited individuals coming together for a Nu-Disco lifestyle vibe. A collection of flamboyant entertainers, artists, musicians and cool souls gathering each week (virtually for now) to get their dance on!

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