Introducing MONIKKR DOSE!

Monikkr Music is launching a new online event series to bring the party back into your lives! Yeah, we know… there aint nothin’ like the good ‘ol days of us all sweatin’ our asses off on the dance floor, kickin’ it together in person. Soon enough friends… we’ll be back together. In the meantime, you can get your weekly dose with Monikkr and some great guest DJ’s each and every week.

Join the Party Sundays at 3pm. Tune-in to the kickoff livestream broadcast on Sunday 3/7/21.

Where to Watch:  MonikkrMusic.comTwitchMixcloud Live

Featuring DJ Sets by:  MONIKKR (NYC) at 3pm  / DTR (NOLA) at 4pm /  DJ SHIEK (BRAZIL) at 5pm

Monikkr Dropz 01 – featured tracks on Monikkr Dose episode

💦 Monikkr Dropz! 🎵 Here’s a ‘lil taste of some tracks I’ll be featuring in my kickoff episode of Monikkr Dose this coming Sunday at 3pm ET. #monikkrdose #monikkrdropz

🩸 Watch the livesteam on Twitch or Mixcloud. Get more info at (link in bio). JOIN THE PARTY!